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We provide legal representation to injured workers and insurance carriers.  Our goal is to navigate our clients through the workers compensation process and recommend the path that leads to the best resolution with effective, fast results.  We focus on getting the medical care necessary to get the injured worker healed and back to work, back to an income, and back to normal life.


Medical care — Workers' compensation will pay for medical care up to $10,000. Your employer must authorize this money within one day of receiving your written claim form.

Temporary disability benefits — To recover from your injury, you will likely need to take at least a few days off work. Temporary disability benefits provide money to make up for your lost wages during this time. Temporary disability benefits are two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

Permanent disability benefits — If you have permanent symptoms from your work injury you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits.  Permanent disability benefits are compensation for the lasting impairment to your body as a result of injury.

Job retraining — If you are not able to return to your former job, but you can do a different job, you may need to learn new job skills. Workers' compensation will provide "supplemental job displacement" or "vocational rehabilitation" benefits to help you get retrained.

Death benefits — If the primary wage earner in your family died, you can seek death benefits to make up for the income your family has lost.